deep t.issue therapy & reiki

best office picture**Due to the fear around the CV2 virus, it’s fine if you want to wear a mask in my office. There is no illness here though. I disinfect after every patient and keep my office very clean. None of my patients are ill.

Deep t.Issue Therapy and Reiki, Lisa Townsend, LMT, B.A. Reiki Master

“Lisa is so amazing. Her knowledge surpasses any medical massage therapist I have been to. I am feeling better after one treatment. I highly recommend her.”


Welcome to my office! This is one of the best places you can be in Grand Rapids for natural pain relief, surgery prevention, and my medical deep tissue therapy treatments are super effective. My patients have tried to tell me I have “magic hands” for 20 years and I wouldn’t let them but now I’ve changed my mind. You need to come in and see me and experience the energy in my hands and the quality of touch for yourself.

On another note, our society and especially lonely men, currently have some confusion about the purpose of touch in healthcare and compassion from a female healer. This is a chronic problem, but by seeing me you are focusing on yourself and taking responsibility for your health and emotions. This can be very empowering for men. You can figure out your body and your needs on your own!

I am essentially a doctor in a professional office. In NO WAY should any male come into my office hoping for a date or emotional attachment just because I’m kind and compassionate. Come for HEALTHCARE for yourself only. There will be no discussion of how comfortable you are with me because I’m authentic and you can be yourself. Don’t think for one second you could cheat on your wife with me. I don’t do that to other women. I’m compassionate with ALL of my patients. Everyone is special equally! You have NO CHANCE of becoming personally involved with me no matter what your ego tells you is possible. I’m a serious business woman that can relieve muscle pain better than any doctor. Please use a dating site for your personal needs.

I’m holistic. I understand that most people use both modern and holistic medicine but my office is holistic.  I succeed in delivering blood to all connective tissue NEXT TO ANY JOINT, bar none and the blood has no limit on what it can heal. That’s a fact and I’ve seen it for 20 years. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had surgery or spinal fusion. It doesn’t affect the blood flow. If it did, you wouldn’t be able to move your limb. Referred pain (radiculopathy) is usually due to nerve compression by the muscle that attaches to the joint. It’s not hard for me to remedy it and will save you countless thousands of dollars in surgical copays and more!

I use the movement of the blood in the deep tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon, and nerve) to help release your pain and I only use my hands and Reiki.

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February 2019 2I have 2400 hours of Advanced Naprapathic Manual Therapy training, equal to the Naprapathic Doctors in Chicago, twenty one years of experience as a bodyworker, Reiki Master, Master Herbalist, and a Michigan State License. My focus and success are on relieving your pain, increasing your range of motion and keeping you out of surgery and prescriptions which I will do using safe Naprapathic Manual Therapy, and Reiki.  Relieving pain is as relaxing as it can get and doesn’t require a corporate spa environment to achieve. I seek to maintain a formal atmosphere in my home office even though it is in my home. There are no other distractions here and quiet, therefore it’s better than a public office or spa for the type of massage therapy work I do to achieve excellent results.

Your time and money are very well spent here and with your cooperation and my skill, your pain will decrease without drugs or surgery. Your bones follow your muscles so releasing the deep muscle adhesions at the joint that cause pain is the first-line treatment for your body because the soft tissue stress leads to a host of other trouble. On your first visit, I’ll give you a recommendation sheet for you to follow through on as well.

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*Please note*: I do not offer a spa, full body with oil, nude massage or prostitution massage therapy and I do not have a public shower. With medical deep tissue therapy you don’t need one. I barely use any oil.

  • By scheduling, you agree to the 24-hour in advance cancellation or re-schedule policy. A no show or no call will result in a charge.
  • When you purchase a discount package of 5 treatments, it’s non-refundable. If possible, you must use all of the treatments.

Medical massage is the beginning level of manual therapy training. Most medical massage therapists in Grand Rapids have been trained at Blue Heron Academy of Arts and Sciences which is Naprapathic based education and has one year of training. I have three and a half years. I also offer sports massage therapy for athletes.  Just let me know the specific issue and I’ll focus on that during treatment. In addition, my work perfectly compliments your treatments with a Physical Therapist or a Chiropractor. Use both of us together. We all work differently. There is no adjusting in this office but I work at the connective tissue right near the joint and I move the whole joint complex.

GVSU (Grand Valley State University) students near me, just come north on Walker St. and I can help you get off the academic merry-go-round for a bit! I was a student once and next to giving birth, it’s the most stressful memory of my life. Your brain gets fried and it’s a tremendous amount of pressure! Please don’t think you have to deal with it alone. Give me a call.

Blood and muscle make up the majority of your body and it’s vital and effective to start treatment for most pathologies there.  I can treat:

  • muscle pain and stubborn adhesions no matter how long they’ve been there, anywhere in the body.
  • bulging disc
  • arthritis, although it cannot be reversed
  • a migraine and all headaches
  • post-surgical tissue after 72 hours
  • Sprains and strains
  • lateral epicondylitis
  • all hip issues
  • plantar fasciitis
  • chronic pain

Please call me at 616-328-4242 to schedule an appointment.  I’ll get you in as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting you!

My hours are:

Monday-Friday, Noon-6:00 pm

I have popular discount packages for those with chronic conditions that will need multiple treatments.  When you buy a package, you get your slot ahead of time on my schedule and about $5.00 off per treatment! I sell treatments in packages of five and accept cash and credit cards through a secure Square chip system.  No checks.

Single Appointment Fees before the discount:

1 hour-$100.00

45 minutes-$75.00

30 minutes-$50.00


  1. Monica

    Good morning, I am a cluster headache sufferer in desperate need of relief, I have been searching several different treatment options and I can across your website which intrigued me, is this something you would be willing to try to help me with? I would love to set up an appointment with you today if so.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely. I do deep tissue therapy and Reiki. I will check your neck and shoulders first and then work on the head with acupressure and Reiki. Just call 616-328-4242 at about 9am. We’ll set up a time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Darlene Thomas

    I have a sister in-law who has pain all over making it hard just for her to walk. She is on pain meds but they don’t help. do you think you would be able to help her?

    Liked by 1 person

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