Lisa K Townsend is currently treating my scoliosis. I’ve had it since 6th grade and I have to tell you- I’ve seen scoliosis specialists, several chiropractors, had 3 different back braces, even other massage therapists. All of them have told me that I will need surgery eventually. I never knew scoliosis could be treated, but I tell people all the time now- Massage is so much better for your body than going into surgery, go see Lisa!!! It’s a very intense surgery and it’s been something I have been scared of since I first heard it. That is until I met Lisa! I had heard that she had been able to correct another girl’s scoliosis and knew I had to give her treatments a try. Since I’ve been seeing her, I feel a million times better! I had one shoulder that was higher than the other and she’s been able to even them out, as well as (with the exception of a small tilt on my lower back) has straightened my spine from top to bottom! (I never thought that would happen!!) ��� Lisa is incredible and I recommend her to everyone that has any type of back/shoulder/muscle issue.


Lisa is awesome! She’s been working on my back since I had surgery back in January. I have had days where I have barely been able to walk in to her home and after her professional massage, breaking up of adhesions, and her other magic, I was able to walk out and get on with my day. Between the pool therapy I’m going through and Lisa’s work, my recovery is going to be long, but hopefully, with less negative impact on my life.


Lisa is unlike any other in terms of her expertise, clinical skills, and knowledge base. She knows anatomy (I am an RN and she put me to the test!) and has magic hands! She genuinely cares about her patients, is extremely flexible on Scheduling, and has a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. I’ve stayed for over two years! Highly recommend her. She does Reiki at the end which not a lot do but is very calming and leaves me always feeling more focused and energized.


Lisa has a real gift for healing, but also for teaching– if you’ve ever wished your body came with a “users manual”, she’s the one to see!